Find your true position

Build a 360-degree view of your customers.
Get deeper insights for your business.

Welcome to a new world of market intelligence

Where intuitive tech meets the power of consumer wisdom.
A living, breathing insight community at your fingertips.

Our philosophy


Reach out to your customers directly or ask us to recruit your specific target audience for you.


Use a combination of research tools –such as surveys, polls, forums, blogs, photos and videos – to gather opinions and data.


Access real-time dashboards and automated reports in seconds.

One platform, limitless possibilities

The sky really is the limit when it comes to harnessing customer intelligence with Possie. Discover how you can make the most of the platform's core capabilities below.

Profile your customers

Go deeper than demographics. Enrich your dataset with attitudinal and psychographic attributes to learn what drives brand loyalty.

Improve your products

Map out the customer journey. Continuously monitor your NPS score and act on consumer feedback to refine your product strategy.

Track brand sentiment

Create valuable longitudinal intelligence about your customers. Stay on top of changing attitudes to protect your market share.

Unearth new markets

Is the popularity of your product or service rising among certain cohorts? Grow business by segmenting and analysing your audience.

Test your marketing

Gauge the strength of new concepts or test the performance of existing marketing campaigns with your target customers.

Evaluate your position

Launching a new product? Introducing a price change? Understand what customers are willing to pay for your offering versus competitors.

The research toolkit to meet your needs

Flexible features

Whether you want your own branded site or a neutral space to gather feedback, Possie gives you the tools to build a community that’s as unique as your business.

Tailored support

From single set-up and training to full management of your comunity, our expert service team can be as hands on (or hands off) as you want them to be.

The Possie advatange

Discover Australia’s only customer insight platform backed by 45 years’ marketing research experience.

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