Possie by Ekas:
empowering consumers to speak up and be heard

Built in Australia by Ekas, Possie combines deep expertise in research and data collection with the latest audience engagement tools. The result is a platform that offers a customer experience in line with the expectations of today’s tech-smart population.

Pioneers in market research

At Ekas, we’re proud to say we know Australian consumers like no one else. We know they’re not short of things to say, and we’ve been helping them share their opinions via market research since 1971. We’ve been early adopters of the latest research tools throughout our history, and we were one of the first companies in the Australian market to embrace online panel technology.

The human approach to data technology

Possie works seamlessly with The complementary research services provided by Ekas. This means you can profile your audience whether they're online or offline or add another dimension to your suite of data by Including face-to-face Interviews. Dlsccover our research capabilities.

Recruitment services

We have the capacity to recruit samples using your own lists or our own panels, as well as via street intercepts, social media and advertising. We can also organise moderators, venues, Interviewers, products, homework/diarles and incentives.

Interactive services

Bring your project to life by conducting in-person research. Take advantage of our unique, well-thought-out rooms designed to Inspire creativity and Idea building - a professional yet welcoming atmosphere that Invites everyone to feel comfortable, be Involved and switch on.

Your affordable, trusted tech partner

Building great customer insight communities isn’t just for big brands. We’re committed to working with our research partners to ensure Possie helps businesses of all sizes get closer to their customers.

Where self-service meets exceptional client service

Possie gives you the tools to connect with customers, run your own research campaigns, and automate your reporting. But, unlike the big tech companies, our boutique approach means there’ll always be a real member of our team on hand to assist you.

Meet the Team

The ideas guy

Matthew Thomas

Director of Innovations and HR

As our resident tech and innovations guru. Matthew's the man in charge of developing the platform that powers your community.

Your first point of contact

Sagar Soni

Head of Business Development APAC

With a strong background in research and a passion for future tech, Soni understands how to use the latest research tools to help you achieve and exceed your objectives.

The one who brings it all together

Tracey Yoo

Project Consultant

The safest pair of hands for your project, Tracey combines extensive research expertise with a commitment to building customer communities that deliver quality insights.

Where the magic happens

Rumyana Hristovia

Creative Services

Rumi can bring creative edge to your community by designing a custom look and feel and creating enticing content that goes way beyond traditional surveys.

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