It's never been easier to find
your true position

A customer insight platform creates a bespoke community of consumers
empowered to share their thoughts and experiences of your business.

Customer attitudes have changed dramatically...

Have your research tools changed with them?

Tech innovations of the past decade have shifted how people experience businesses, products and services. Today's consumers share their opinions instantly – and they expect companies not just to listen, but to react and adapt quickly. Those that don't get left behind.

A customer insight platform closes the gap between businesses and consumers, providing the optimal user experience to elicit genuine feedback.

Being data-driven is no longer enough.

To gain real competitive advantage, businesses must be insights-led

Many companies understand the importance of harnessing data. But not all data is created equal.

To gain market share, businesses need intelligence that goes beyond who bought what and when. They need to answer the crucial question: why?

An insight community allows you to connect and reconnect with your target audiences over time, engaging in an evolving dialogue. You no longer need to make assumptions around behavioural data – Possie helps you truly understand the rationale behind each customer decision.

Why today's disruptive companies are turning to insight communities

A typical business hears from Just 4% of its dissatisfied customers. 96% of customers don't voice complaints while 91% of customers never come back.

- Understanding Customers by Rutty Newell-Leaner

Companies that excel in customer experience grow revenues 4%-8% above their market.

-Bain &Company

87% of marketing and ecommerce companies consider insight communities to be important for driving better customer engagement.

- GRIT Report 2016 Q3-Q4

Online communities have been cited as the second most adoptable methodology in the market research industry.

- GRIT Report 2016 Q3-Q4

Possie opens up a new world of customer insights – whatever your business or budget.