Insights with maximum business impact.
Delivered faster and smarter.

Possie is built with the needs of today's
high-performing organisations at its core.

We've spent the past five decades at the heart of the Australian market research industry, so we understand your needs have evolved.

We know you want quality insights that provide actionable recommendations and real ROI. And you need them provided in the most cost-effective way, at the speed of business.

Get ahead of the pack

Our technology helps companies outperform their competitors. The playing field has levelled. It's no longer about how big your budget is, but how agile you are in turning customer intelligence into strategic action.

Drive greater efficiency throughout the entire research lifecycle

Our platform combines the latest customer engagement tools and data visualisation technology to deliver smarter insights in the quickest, most cost-effective way.

Use Possie to build momentum for your business


Your unique feedback community

Possie creates an online community of people who have experienced your products and services. These customers know your company genuinely values their views and they want to share their opinions.

One-stop communications hub

Whether you're using an existing database or recruiting your target audience from scratch, Possie gives you the tools to connect with people easily. Design your own invitations or pick a template to suit your needs, then manage all emails within the platform.


Go beyond asking questions

Possie provides the most authentic environment to gather customer attitude and intent data. Whether you want to update your NPS score, test out a new marketing campaign or product idea, or carry out an in-depth study, our platform provides the toolkit you need.

The platform supports multiple methodologies, so you can also combine any number of customer engagement activities to design your own more complex, longitudinal projects.

Nurture an evolving dialogue

As you continue to reach out to your customers, your community becomes a valuable source of business intelligence. Once you're up and running, you can access a real-time, interactive view of your target audience whenever you need it.


From fieldwork to finished report. Fast.

We've automated dashboards and reporting to make your research journey frictionless from start to finish. In our world, self-service doesn't mean you're on your own. One of our experts will always be on hand to help you get the most out of the platform.

Fuel your growth strategy

Possie turns non-rational human emotions, beliefs and actions into robust business recommendations. Our one-platform approach means you can rapidly apply these strategies to improve your product offering, outpace the competition and increase revenue.

This level of dynamic customer intelligence, when embedded into all aspects of your organisation, has the power to really shift the dial for your business.


Your customers want to talk to you. Start the conversation today.

Building an insight community is simple and cost-effective with Possle. Talk to us now and you could be up and running instantly.